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2013 DHS Season
Welcome to the DHS Boys Lacrosse Webpage

Here you will find the latest information for both JV and Varsity Teams

Parent Representative: Lydia Delis Schosser,

(updated 2/25/13)


Calendar of Meetings & Event Dates:

1. Friday, March 15th vs Jesuit - Break the Record Night!
2. Friday, May 23rd - Senior Night
3. Game Schedules are POSTED

JV - Click JV HERE
Varsity - Click HERE


4. Shutterfly and Video Links

VARSITY Shutterfly:

JV Shutterfly:

2012 JV video hightlights: <

5. Informational Documents (click on name to download)
2013 DHS Boys' Lacrosse Handbook
All athletes and parents must read the handbook.
You must then sign and return the last page to coach Juri at 306 Mills Drive, Davis, CA 95616.

Smart Athlete Nutrition/Hydration Guidelines - ALL PARENTS AND ATHLETES - Recommended reading
Sleep, proper nutrition and constant hydration will be the key to enhancing your athletic performance.

2013 Volunteer Positions
Please review so you are familiar with the volunteer position you signed up for.

Lacrosse 101
A Basic Guide to Boys' Lacrosse for Parents and Players

Uniform Care Instructions (download here)

6. Graphics
Pre -Season Information

Mandatory requirements by the DHS Athletic Department for all 2012/2013 athletes.

If you have not competed in a Fall or Winter Sport 2012/13 you must complete A and B below.

If you have already done A. and B. (below) for a Fall or Winter sport you will not need to do them a second time.
You will need to provide your coach a copy of the emergency card and a sign off from the athletics department that
you have completed these two items already. You can either get these at the athletic department office or at the
Sports Physical Paperwork Night which will be held January 29 & 30: 6-8pm in the North Gym lobby.

A. Mandatory Concussion Screening:
Assembly Bill 25 went into effect on January 1, 2012. This bill requires all high schools
that have athletic programs to have a concussion management program. It will be a requirement for all
DHS student‐athletes to complete our baseline computerized neurocognitive testing
program in order to participate in our athletic program beginning in the 2012‐13 school
year. Down load the SVCCC form, sign and bring it to your testing.Download the form here.

Tuesday, January 22- 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am (this is a teacher work day—no school) and Wednesday, January 23- 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm. Sessions are held in the DHS Library computer lab. Sign up link and permission form available on the website front page: <>

B. SPORTS PHYSICAL PAPERWORK NIGHTS: Will be held in the North Gym lobby. You
will be required to turn in your completed paperwork and receive your athletic
clearance card to present to your Spring coach on the first day of tryouts.
You will have to have your concussion testing sign off prior to turning in your
paperwork. Down load the DHS Sports Physical packet, sign and bring it to this meeting.
Remember you will need to have your doctor sign off on the annual physical form
included in the packet. Download the packet here.

January 29 & 30: 6-8pm in the North Gym lobby.
Turn in your completed paperwork and receive your athletic clearance card to present to your Spring coach on the first day of tryouts.


2. Team Form Requirements

i. Transportation Forms (download here)
1. Read and complete all information
2 . Copy both sides the drivers license of the person doing the driving
3. Copy both sides the the current car insurance card.
All forms and attachment information will be kept by the DHS school district in a secure location.  
ii. Coaches Handbook (download here)

All players and parents must read, sign and turn in to the coach before tryouts. These forms will
be collected at the DHS Lacrosse team meeting on January 23rd, Holmes Jr. High at 6:45 - 8:30pm

4. Program Sustainability
In order to sustain our high school boys lacrosse program we request a contribution of $450 per player. Contributions are requested by January 31 prior to tryouts. Once teams are selected the checks will be deposited. For those who have paid but did not make the team, your check will be returned.

Player contributions are not required in order to be on the team, but they are the primary funding source for our program. Your contributions go towards the following player expenses: Uniform jersey’s & pinnie's (returned at end of season), team shorts and socks (players keep), team equipment, supplies, coaches salaries and travel expenses, referees for home games, game administration for home games, bookkeeping, equipment replacement and repair, player scholarships, team photos and end-of-year banquet.

Additional funds come from our volunteer snack shack, clothing sales and script funds.

Contributions can be turned in at our parent/athlete meetings or sent by mailed.
Make checks payable to: DHS Boys Lacrosse and mailed to:
Steve Gellen, Treasurer, DHS Boys Lacrosse, P.O. Box 72251, Davis, CA 95617

9. Lacrosse Uniforms, Equipment and Spirit Wear
Team Uniforms – Issued to players
The Davis High School lacrosse team provides each player with the following:
- two uniform jersey’s (blue for away and white for home games)
- one reversible pinnie
- two pairs of team shorts
- one shooter shirt
- one pair of team socks
Jersey’s, pinnie's and shorts are the only items owned by the team and must be returned at the end of season in
the condition issued. Players keep their shooter shirts and socks. Players will be responsible for paying to replace lost or destroyed jerseys & pinnies.

Uniform Care Instructions (download here)
Helmet, Sticks & Protective Gear
Players are responsible for providing the following equipment.

Davis team color helmets are required and sold along with the required DHS decal sheet, by Lacrosse
Fanatic ( Cascade is the brand which offers several styles of helmets;
therefore each player may choose the style that fits best. Lacrosse Fanatic will assist with proper fitting.
Prices vary according to style. The helmets are sold with no DHS Blue Devil markings. The Blue Devil and
team graphics are applied by using decal stickers. The uniform committee usually have these available for purchase.

Sticks, Heads & Protective Gear
Each player must have his own lacrosse protective gear including but not limited to: gloves, elbow
pads/arm guards, shoulder/rib pads, cup, mouth guard), cleats and stick (Cup and mouth guard are
mandatory. Mouth guards may not be white or clear) Sticks must meet standard lacrosse guidelines.
Several local and on-line vendors are listed on the Davis Lacrosse Association’s website at

Warm-up Kits, /extra Shooter Shirts & Extra Team Socks – (optional DHS LAX uniform apparel)
During pre-season parent meetings and after tryouts are complete an order form will be sent out for the
following optional items:

- Warm-Ups: sweatpants, hooded pullover sweatshirt.
These custom designed garments are purchased in a group order prior to each season. They are great
for wearing pre-game and post game. Sizing samples will be available at the pre-season
Parent/Athlete meetings.

- Additional Items can be purchased by all:
Shooter Shirts, Socks, Wind Jacquet, Fleece Jacket, Fleece Beannie, Polo shirts, T-shirts and Gear Bags.

- Discount Lacrosse Footwear: Check out for great deals on all types of footwear. Download flyer here.


8. Captain’s Practices

Has Begun. Runs Until Feb 1st. DHS Stadium.
Monday and Wednesday's from 4pm-Dark
Friday 4pm to 6pm (under the lights)


Captain Email Cell Phone
Mikie Schlosser 916.837.4290
Rudy Buhlman 530.902.9092
Willie Hawkins 530.902.2091
Steven Orr 530.574.0842
Kian Reno 530.304.2624
Sam Gellen 440.264.3625
Kevin Willefert 530.902.4331
Will McPherson 530.902.6261

9. DHS Lacrosse Registration is Open!

a. Click here and register today!.
b. There are no monetary requirements to register.
c. You must be registered to receive all DHS lacrosse pre/in season communication.

10. When you register you will be required to select two volunteer position choices.

Click here to download the Volunteer Description Sheet.


If you have questions please contact Lydia at or call 530-574-8013.


Please Register online if you are considering playing DHS JV/Varsity Lacrosse.
Go to the DLA Home Page and click on the "Register Online" button in the left navigation bar.